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Random Acts of Kindness

I posted this on facebook and already have 579 hits…unbelievable! The moral is Life is Fun…Enjoy

I have to share this with all of you. After the Stamp Show Saturday in Fort Wayne, Bobbie, Larry and I went to Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner. We were seated and just got our beverages when at the table next to us a biker dude and 2 gals were seated. They were looking at the menu and started to chuckle and said that after dinner they would need one of those desserts and 3 forks… I leaned over and said, “Make that 6 forks and we’ll join you!” Well of course we all laughed and went ahead with our dinners. After we finished eating the waitress appeared with a chocolate cherry cheesecake and 3 forks from the table next to us! It was so nice and we all said we would meet again next year! I am always so pleased when something unexpected happens and people are so nice! An unexpected act of kindness sent us on our way with a smile on our faces.